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My name is Luis Mazzoni and I am working as a sound engineer at Vintage Sound Studio.

Please feel free to contact me and I will quickly reply to you.

My phone number: 0617772445
Address: Vintage Sound Studio, Cap Découverte, 81450 LE GARRIC – France


Vintage Sound Studio and Neumann Custom Desk

  • Sound Designer
  • Live sound pickup
  • DVDs or CDs
  • Mixing and remixing
  • Mastering and remastering
  • Postproduction 5.1 DVD mastering for Internet YouTube or Facebook
  • Reconditioning and transfer of vinyl records or tapes
  • Renting of audio equipment
  • Training for audio and acoustic processing (LEDE standard)
  • Bass traps and RPG loudspeaker

Vintage Sound Studio (VSS) is a professional recording studio of a new type:  you get all the advantages of the new digital technologies but not their inconveniences. We use very high quality vintage analog hardware and that is the guarantee of a warm and vibrant sound, quite far away from the sterile and cold sound produced by digital technology only.

Recording Studio Control Room

While producing a warm and lively sound through analog equipment, VSS has all the flexibility of up-to-date software programs and digital hardware. We are the best of both worlds!

As you will see from our list of equipment we can capture your sound (drums or percussions, electric or acoustic instruments, vocal parts, etc.) with the utmost accuracy and reliability.

Best of all, Luis Mazzoni, our sound engineer, has an impressive CV and is really up to the task for recording your music.

Feel free to contact us for further details or a quotation.

Artists recorded

Des réalisations du Vintage Sound Studio.

Vintage Sound Studio is located in the great surroundings of Cap Découverte, an innovative leisure park.

Cap Découverte,  a leisure park around the studio!

Cap Découverte, a leisure park around the studio!

More information about Cap Découverte.